Bathroom Remodel Progress

3 01 2009

Doug has been slaving away on our bathroom since Dec. 31st. It is our main bathroom – not very big but functional. We finally get to make some more changes on it. Here are the photo results so far:
Day 1.. in the evening:
Plastic white generic tub surround that has bothered us for four years is ripped out someday that lovely (*cough*) teal green carpet it is laying upon will join it (there are wooden floors underneath!).

Day 2:
– Ripped out the dry wall board – Much to our suprise and relief there was very little mold and almost no water damage. Just some near the pipes, Doug has taken care of any nasties lurking in the walls.
– Our girls returned home from my in-laws on Jan 1st. They make great supervisors. Ellie keeps telling Doug she wants the wall up again as soon as possible. We figure she’ll make someone a great Project Manager someday. This is Katie in her Duck coat from Halloween… Ellie was wearing her Unicorn costume.
– We added black waterproof paper before putting up new dry wall. You definitely need to ask Doug about this *fun* process.

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