12 01 2009

I need to post the completed bathroom tiling photos, will do that soon when I get my uploading act together.

It is 1:49 a.m. I made the bad decision to drink coffee sometime around 11 p.m. Dumb. Now I’m awake. I reorganized the kitchen counter, so Doug officially will not be able to find a few things in the morning. I don’t think I moved much that he will use though. Bought a few wicker bins today to use as ‘return to the rooms’ boxes.. ie – load up with Ellie & Katie toys and put back in their rooms. Of course they’ll bring it all back out the next day. It is a fun game they like to play. I guess it just means we all like hanging out together in one big space. I somewhat wish we had a room to designate a playroom…for now it is front room, kitchen, and family room. 
Speaking of organization, two awesome ladies at my church came in this past Thursday and spent just about all day organizing my office for me. The recycle bin was packed and books nicely placed on the shelves in various ministry categories. We of course determine my desk is not the best for my piling filing style – it is L-shaped with lots of pile space. Not good for me. It simply is what came with the office when I moved in. 
I’ve been there a year and started out waiting to choose new furniture but then, like many churches, was told never mind because there was no longer money in the budget. So I didn’t do anything but I’ve been so entrenched in my work that I couldn’t find the time to reorganize. That and not to mention I get completely paralyzed, in my mind, when I am overwhelmed by the piles. Vicki told me to take 15 minutes at the end of every day and put things back. I did it today, so proud of myself. Also, having them come in and devote such a huge amount of time to help me out makes me want to keep it clean… I don’t dare mess it up with the knowledge they could walk in at any moment and check up on me!
I did hear from my husband some words he shared with others … that as they are looking into hiring a new Senior pastor for our church they need to make sure the candidate is ok that the Director of Faith Formation has a messy office. Yeah. That’s me. Thanks buddy. I’m fairly certain this comment spurred my office cleaning intervention session. Thankful for it though – for an honest husband and for Vicki and Donna.
Ok 2:00 a.m. Maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep?



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