Shower Surround Saga – Mission Complete.

27 01 2009

I didn’t complete the sage of Doug re-tiling our bathroom. Here goes:

This photo is pre-grout and sealant (sp?) Doug says the soap dishes took some extra effort to make sure stuck on that wall. He had to cut the surrounding tile to fit just so around those.Thank goodness for that tile saw that many C.G. employees have had the pleasure to use – including Doug.

Doug marveling at his handiwork.. grout – check. sealant – check. Reaffixing fixtures that were given the cleaning treatment they badly needed – check. Caulk around the edges of the surround, the tub, and soap dishes – check.

I’m so proud of my honey – his very first tiling project. I now love taking showers in a space I dreaded showering for four years. Yay!! Next projects in this bathroom are painting the walls a decent color, fixing the bad lighting in the space (the broken plastic looming above), and matching trim around the light and the walls.




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