Katie’s Turn

7 02 2009

I last blogged on Ellie and now it is time to talk about my sweet Katie. 🙂

Katie is now 1.5 yrs old (20 months if you’re counting..) and living life in full ‘go’ mode like a toddler should.
She is full on walking, running, hops around saying ‘jup, jup’ to jump.
She wants to go potty on the chair like everyone else but is still confined to her diapers because it is a new concept to her. She is being persistent about letting us know when she has a ‘peepee’ diaper which can go either way, but she is usually stubborn about letting us actually change it. I’m not ready for her to potty train. Honestly. This means waiting and waiting for her to decide she is finished, begging to let me change her, and then when it is really *time* enduring the “accidents” that happen for at least a year or more. I’m not excited for this part of growing up, but I know I must give in and allow her the freedom.
We took of the railings of her crib and she is now officially in a ‘toddler’ big girl bed. She hates it. It is fun to play on but getting her to sleep on it at night is difficult. Thank goodness for Dr. Weissbluth and “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”. It isn’t easy but doable. Doug thinks it is easy. She just goes right to bed for him. :p 
High chair – that is disappearing tonight. She officially decided she wanted the booster seat like Ellie. No more high chair. She fights us when we put her in it, refuses to eat. Complete food strike if she has to sit in it. So we brought the dining chair in from the garage and have returned it to it’s rightful place at the table – with a second booster seat for Kates. She is happy. Although she still doesn’t want to sit at the table if everyone in the house is not also at the dinner table with her. Way to bring us together baby.
Katie has lots of fun words and my favorite communication is when you ask her a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question and she nods her head or does a little dance. She can sign ‘thank you’,’please’,’more’,’eat’ and ‘drink’. She’s singing too and dances in her carseat. It is distracting to drive when my cuties are having fun together dancing to music in the back seat. 
Katie and Ellie get a long very well and fight very well too. Perfect sister match. 🙂 Katie is getting very good asserting herself saying ‘no,no!’ and ‘dop, dop it!’ (stop it). 
It is true that you can love your second child as much as your first. She’s so cute, I just want to hug and kiss and cuddle with her all the time – too bad she’s always on the go!
Love ya Katie-bears.



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