We Made it to New York – Alive

13 02 2009

We made it to New York. Barely it seems. I just logged on to see whether my lost baggage had been located and it hasn’t. I called Sarah to let her know what is up, the initial plan is to drive up to Vermont and hangout with her, Toby & Halie for a few days. Doug is out retrieving a rental car and the girls are playing. I checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts per usual and on Twitter I notice a variety of tweets about a plane that went down in New York last night. Approx. 50 people died as their plane crashed into a house in the Buffalo area. My heart sank and cries for the loss and grief coming out of this crash.

It crashed about the final plane we were on was getting ready to begin landing at La Guardia airport. Scary to think that we were flying at the same time and didn’t hear anything about it until now. Come to think about it – that must be the reason a lot of people we huddled around a TV in the baggage claim area. We were too obsessed trying to find my suitcase (with all of my clothes and shoes except for the smelly ones still on my person) and Ellie’s booster carseat. We can get one with our rental car – I hope it is a safe one and she rode home from the airport without a chair. I don’t know what the rules are for child travel in a car in NY.

So may God be with those families who have lost loved ones. Our flight from Chicago to New York was one of a few others cancelled due to the weather being too windy. We ended up waiting 3 more hours for a flight to St. Louis and then in STL boarded a plane that was delayed another hour which took us to New York. The last 10 minutes of the flight had a lot of turbulence and we were rocking a lot which made many of us nervous. Which makes me not too suprised that a plane crashed if it was weather related. Doug and Ellie were at the back of the plane while Katie and I were at the front of the coach with first class 6 inches in front of us. I had a wonderful conversation with a 95 year old woman named Dorothy from Illinois. Honestly I think God knew I needed a little something different from the craziness of flying with a four year old and one year old in unpredictable schedule conditions.

I couldn’t imagine being the captain of a plane with all those lives in your hands. My mood of grumpiness because I have half of my wardrobe unaccessible to me because it is who-knows-where in the U.S. has changed to thanking God that me and my family are safe. There was a lot more than luggage lost for 50 families last night. God be with those families.




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