Part Deux: Week Three of Doug @ Home

19 03 2009

I was so sleepy last night when I typed my last post. I still hold to it all though. Thanks for the encouragement from my friends who commented. šŸ™‚

I think the toughest part for me is not the finances but having to rearrange my schedule and do things differently. Like do without my laptop during the day when I often take it to another room in the church or to a coffee shop to do some work. It is a small thing but makes a big difference when I’ve been relying on it for the past year, the loss of it plus the loss of an hour here and an hour there make for a crazy frustrated me at times.
Today I went and hung out leading my PEPS group… a group of first time moms with babies who are 4 mos or younger (as of now… 10 weeks ago they were younger). I was not really in the mood to be leading and when it came to highs and lows I was grumpy because it was a morning spent with just Katie and I at an empty Drop-In playtime and I was super late on a newletter articles deadline for the church newsletter and knew I was not going to get it done before lunch time. I promised our office manager it would be done yesterday but I didn’t have all the info from my team, etc and had to wait a bit longer. I hate holding other people up and breaking promises… it kills me everytime I do it (and when I’m stressed I tend to fall into a nasty habit of doing so).Ā But being at PEPS – even though the group is not for me, it is to help the moms develop a network with one another – was helpful just to have other mom allow me to vent in a moment that I needed it.Ā 
Anyways, after PEPS I was able to go back to work for a few hours. When Doug picked up Katie to take the girls to the zoo today, he told me “Work as late as you need to tonight”. Haven’t heard that in weeks and it was an answer to prayer just to have the option to take the time I needed to get caught up at work. Ā And it only took me two and a half hours to get to a point where I felt I drained all I truly needed to drain out of the to-do-list on my brain. I drove home with a lot less stress than I had when I drove into work this morning. Thank you Doug for hearing my needs, and thank you God for helping me through this.



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