Love my family

23 03 2009

Today has been a fun day with my family – fun in little ways.

This morning Ellie woke up saying ‘I’m getting dressed now”. Yesterday I visited one of my fave li’l consignment shops (Saturday’s Child in Bothell) and came away with ‘new’ clothes for the girls. All of Ellie’s pants are suddenly 3 inches above her ankles and it isn’t quite capri season in Seattle yet. Katie is also bumping up to the next size of clothing. We saved all of Ellie’s smaller clothing but this next size up is all shorts,capris, and summer dresses with one or two long sleeve shirts. So I bought at least 8-10 pieces of super cute clothing in great condition per child for $127. I had prior permission from Doug (he’s a bit nervous about money lately) but he knows there is no way I could have done that at a regular store. One of those cute pieces of clothing is a floral dress with pockets that Ellie immediately wanted to wear for church this morning. It always cracks me up when she wakes up immediately remembering the plans she made the day before.
Later in the day she told me that she gets to sing in church with the other kids on Palm Sunday. She practiced with the others in her Sunday school class today and she is so pleased that she gets the opportunity. We didn’t get the chance to pull together the preschool kiddos into this past year’s Christmas program so it is her first time to help lead in worship at this church. It is fun to see her excited about it.
Doug’s dad conducts a community band he started up – Gateway Concert Band of Enumclaw. We went to the concert this afternoon. Yes, the entire crew of us – Doug, our 1 and 4 yr old girls, and myself. This is a community band and a lot of people remember Doug from when he was a wee little one, so they are more than happy to tolerate the sounds of his little ones coming to Grandpa’s concert. I SO wish that I could have taken pictures in that auditorium but I was afraid the flash of my BlackBerry would’ve distracted everyone. What would I have taken pictures of? Katie sitting like a big girl in her own chair listening to the music quietly and then clapping when everyone else did and saying ‘yay papa’ (her first word for Grandpa). It was super cute and lasted through about 3/4 of each half (intermission with cookies & punch), then she danced in the hallway waiting for the concert to end. I would’ve also snapped photos of Ellie sitting quietly and seemingly interested in listening to the band play. She loved the concert and for the first time EVER sat through the entire thing. So proud of my big girl! Later we had dinner at the 410 Cafe with Doug’s parents and Katie ate spaghetti. There is nothing more hilarious that a 1 yr old eating spaghetti. She had a neon orange face and hands for most of the evening. The waitress laughed with us and Katie just beamed her smile making the moments even cuter.
Later I read Ellie stories just before she fell asleep. Lately she’s been requesting stories from “The Look and See Bible” a nifty children’s Bible with one page Bible stories, vivid drawings and questions to engage children to interact with the story. Before I was hired on at LCPC, Ellie received this Bible when I interviewed at a church that held a family friendly worship every fifth Sunday. The Sunday we showed up they had Preschool Bible sunday and every preschooler in worship recieved a Bible.. they kindly gave one to Ellie as well. I wasn’t hired there, but they gave us a great gift to help us teach our children about a faith in Jesus. Kudos to that church. Ellie loves picking out a couple of pages to read each night and asks questions to learn more, she even brings the book to us we don’t make her read it.
This morning and this evening Doug has been great as well. He has been making me lattes in the morning before I leave for work. I find it funny that he actually loves making the lattes and mochas yet doesn’t drink coffee himself. He has a motivator – it will keep me from one less visit through the Starbuck’s drive through. LoL! So I had my homemade latte on the way in to the church this morning – nice to have when I walk through the hallways to turn on the heat in cold class rooms- if Irv hasn’t gotten there first.
Tonight we came home from our Enumclaw trip and put the girls to bed. Then I’m sitting down on the futon thinking about what i’d like to do and Doug says ‘here you go’. On TV is Desperate Housewives. Aw, he remembered! He has this uncanny way of remembering that I like to watch that show followed by Brothers and Sisters on Sunday evenings. We usually have 24 on Mondays, then Thursday is the Office, 30 Rock, and E.R. Then Sundays are my night. So nice of him to remember after having taken the TV hostage all week for March madness. 🙂
Good news was received today about an aunt on Doug’s side – one of his mother’s sisters. She has been struggling with cancer and has been non-responsive for a few weeks, her body withering a way. A few days ago she took a turn for the better and is talking and started walking again today. Everyone is overjoyed for auntie Diane and rooting for what is still a long road of recovery. Please pray for Diane, her husband and her college age/soon to graduate daughter who is scheduled to be married in September. They really don’t need this cancer mess in there lives right now = nobody does for that matter.
Wow. One minute to midnite, guess I had a lot on my mind to share.
Peace, Love, and Goodnight.



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