Kids say the Darndest Things

27 03 2009

April 1st is in less than a week.. Katie will be coming up on 22 months. Two months away from two years old!?! I’m gonna have to get planning that birthday party soon. Hm, I wonder if it will be snowing on June 1st this year? She has been talking in sentences lately. More like Mommy gobbledy blehdeh blalalalala, Ellie. It is freakin’ cute. And she’ll sit at dinner and have a conversation just talking at you and all we can do is say “really, is that so?” “wow, cool!” and “ok sweetie”. She nods and says “hey”. Which means “yes”. Asks for ‘cupup’ which is ketchup and likes to bring me ‘mommy’s copy’ or coffee.

She and Ellie have conversations together all the time and it is so much fun to see them talking together. My favorite moment was a week or so ago when they had their ‘cool’ sippy cups of special milk (vanilla steamed milk) and were sitting at their kid’s table across from one another, chatting and looking out the window. I give myself credit for all the times we’ve hung out in coffee shops together. 😉  
Doug’s favorite moment brought tears to his eyes yesterday. He played tee ball with them. Both girls hit the ball and took turn catching the ball. And Ellie played some serious ball and mitt catch with him. Aw, so cute. LoL!
Back to what kiddos say. Ellie was hiliarious this afternoon. We were driving in the car and she was trying to convince me to go to a restaurant for dinner. I told her I wasn’t sure if it was such a great idea because Daddy doesn’t want us spending  a lot of money right now. Then she said “But mommy you have more money than daddy so it is OK.” I had to hold in my laughter and asked, “is that because mommy has a job right now and daddy doesn’t?”. She said “Yes.” Then I explained that we share our money so it is equal. She then said “That’s because you sleep in the same bed, right?”. Oh my. This little girl is pretty bright isn’t she. 😉
This evening she was coloring at her table by our front window and the sky was changing to twilight. Ellie say “It looks like it is just about done being daylight out there.” All matter of fact.
Gotta love my little girls. And I do.



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27 03 2009

Awww…so cute!! I can’t believe Katie is almost 2! It has been WAY too long since we saw each other (especially considering we live, what 15 miles apart??). 🙂 Happy Friday!


27 03 2009
Mamma Waldher

I love reading your blog, keep it up!!!


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