2 04 2009

There have been a lot of great things that have gone on this past week. Lots of great moments with friends, family, colleagues, students, etc. Today was my last day with the first PEPS group that I’ve worked with, twelve weeks goes by so quickly. There have also  been a lot of those moments that I have recognized as great but I’ve just been felling’ (Blah) during those moments. I think I’m just plain tired. 

My dad is having troubles recovering from a back surgery and sounds like he’ll need to go and get some parts of it redone. He has some worries about finding transportation for all of his dr visit needs and has called a few times to ask if I could help. With my work schedule, driving 1 hr to get to his place, probalby would have to have the girls with me, and I’m not sure that I can swing giving him a ride thsese days and that is hard. So prayers for speedy recovery for my father are welcomed. 🙂 

I went to the Northwest Ministry Conference for two days and it was great stuff. I went to a workshop called “3 is Enough” and ended up making my only purchase for the weekend – Christianity – Beyond Belief. I picked up the audio version because I’m horrible at reading but have plenty of time in the car commuting from Ellie’s school to the church and back. I would definitely recommend this read if you are looking for something that shares what it means to be a Christian that is living in the real world and not tied down to following religious traditions at a church,etc. It is living life as a Christian believing that we are living in the kingdom of God now and not just in the future when we die. Since I’m listening to the book, I’m only 2 CDs into 5 of the set, but the book looks easy to read. It is down to earth and I know the end of it because that is what the workshop was about. 
At the conference I heard a lot of presenters mention that for so long a certain stream of churches has preached that being a Christian means confessing your wrongdoings  saying you believe in Jesus to be saved and go to heaven and many have forgotten about the discipleship and living, serving, loving our neighbors now because Jesus is present with us now – not because it will get us into heaven later but because that is what Jesus did with his life and called the rest of us to follow him. Not just believe in him, but follow him and do as he does.
OK it is 1:30 a.m. time for bed and i’m getting droopy eyes. Good night.



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