10 06 2009

Haven’t blogged for a few months now and figured it is time. Holy Cow, how did June get here SO quickly?!

I last left you with Doug on the hunt for a job after being laid off. But of course if you’re a friend on facebook (or offline for that matter!) or follow me on Twitter, you know that he landed a new position in the same line of work. As of April 28th, he is a senior structural Engineer for a company called HDR in Bellevue. This firm is not at all small – 100+ offices nationwide with headquarters in Nebraska. Yesterday he informed me that he is probably one of 2 (or less than five) Structural engineers in this company that have the credentials he has = freaking nationwide = that being PE (prof. engineer), Masters degree -engineering, and an SE (structural engineer license). He is one step away from the top of the ladder of his group, the boss is going on an extended site visit this week and leaving Doug in charge. They also want him to get licensed for Idaho, Oregon & Alaska (in addition to his WA & CA licenses) so that they can reach out to other areas for clients – meaning they can say “yes, we have an SE who is licensed to engineer your police station in Alaska.” So that is going pretty well for him.
I’ll be honest, there are some tradeoffs on the family end … he is taking the bus to work, 24 hour fitness is next door to the offices, he has extra curricular meetings on Monday & Tuesday nights and once a month he flies to Poulsbo (for now) for a site visit. The trade offs are: I am primarily the one caring for our girls because Doug leaves SO early in the morning (5ish) because he catches the bus to go work out and then get to work in the morning. By the time he leaves girls are either still asleep or wake up enough to come join me in sleeping in my bed for a little while longer. His meetings means they see him Sunday night and then almost not again until Wednesday evening. I am picking up the girls from daycare every night because I have the car with the carseats since he’s on the bus. This means I don’t get to work later in the office like I used to, I leave around 5p and used to be able to stay until 6:30 or 7p to make up for lost time on other days or when I have that extra project that needs the time. We have to plan way in advance (like for any evening meetings I might have so that he’ll be available) and it is so hard for me to just get a babysitter for the girls – I get a guilt trip since they are in daycare all day, and we have never had anyone that has been a regular babysitter… never really had the money to pay anyone for that. So I’m trying to work from home in the evenings but after dinner, baths, stories, and the girls pleading to stay awake and refusing to sleep that time isn’t available until after 9p.m. when I actually am exhausted and want to crash in my bed or feel guilt
y and need to clean the house. So is the crazy life I lead. Guess every great thing has its trade offs and I’ll take it over the lay offs.
A lot of our friends are experiencing layoffs and our heart goes out to all of them — we love you and are praying for great new experiences to come your way!
Teaching at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett was a lot of fun and a commitment only for last quarter. I’m excited to see where the five students I taught are headed in the future. Three of them graduated and that was truly exciting. I’m glad for the experience, it was new and nice to be able to share what I’ve been learning with potential church/non-profit professionals.
My time volunteering with PEPS has been reduced for the summer. I opted out of leading a group for right now (12 week stints with groups of new moms) but I was invited to lead the prospective PEPS parent orientations for South Snohomish County once a month. I led my first one last week and it was fun. PEPS has been in King County for over 25 yrs and only in Snohomish County for 1year. It is fun to help bring a quality resource to the area for new and expecting parents. And for two hours a month, I’m good. 🙂
Katie turned 2 years old last Monday, June 1st. I’m gonna have to do a ‘my baby is growing up’ blog on her. I can definitely tell ya that what was NOT the Terrbile 2’s for Ellie (3’s for her!) is for certain starting out to be Terrible Two’s for Katie. Maybe it is because we have two children and I’m spending a lot of time parenting them on my own. It is much more challenging than Ellie was at this age though. There are plenty of cute little things about her that make me want to hug and squeeze her everyday!
Ellie visited her soon to be new School for Kindergarten last week. It was Kindergarten preschool night. Wasn’t really what I expected but it let her tour a little bit and we met a few teachers & the principal. I was not impressed with the PTA table & rep. I’ll just keep my thoughts at that for now. She has Preschool Graduation on the 11th. She continue at NLM through the summer.
Love that little girl of ours too.
OK I’m falling asleeo thinking about all this. So I must sleep. Goodnight!



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11 06 2009

Glad to read an update. Sounds like the transition is a bit rough–I hope that things get better schedule-wise and the girls can see Doug more! Hang in there!!


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