Katie’s Seizures in February

16 06 2009

On June, 15th 2009 Katie had what I believe was a seizure as she was sleeping in the morning. The pediatrician we saw thinks it probably was a seizure by the way I describe it but says she can’t make a complete diagnosis without the opinion of a neurologist. We’re pretty certain it was not a febrile seizure because Katie didn’t have and hasn’t had a fever which generally is a symptom of those types of seizures.

I’m thankful for Facebook and the way one can post a concern and so many others will chime in with prayer, encouragement and condolences. I posted bits and pieces in my status updates and then in my ‘notes’ after I took Katie to the doctor.

Some history: Katie had what we were told was likely to be febrile seizures in February of this year. It was two nights before we were supposed to leave for a family vacation to New York and the East Coast. I came home late from a meeting at church and Doug had been caring for a sick Katie who had been sent home from daycare with a fever. It kept rising and she was truly miserable. So when I got home around 10:30p it was my turn to cuddle her. At one point I took her temperature and she had a 103 degrees F. So I gave her some tylenol and sat down with her.

The next thing I knew she went limp in my lap, her eyes rolled back in her head and her face and hands started twitching in an oddly rhythmic way. She would not responsd to me calling her name or trying to wake her up. When the twitching stopped she just sort of stared for a minute and took a bit to come out of her daze, the limpness went away but she was pretty out of it.

During that process I freaked out and called 911 saying I’m not really sure if I need to be calling but I didn’t know what else to do at almost midnight. They asked a few questions fast and sent the medics to our house. Medics came, checked her out… at that point Katie was her normal 1 yr old self with a high fever. They told us just to keep her in diaper only – no clothes and give tylenol/motrin as needed. There were three medics and they all said it probably was a febrile seizure but not to worry about it. One guy was a little apprehensive to say that is what it was because she wasn’t wildly convulsing for a long amount of time. They all told us not to worry.

Fifteen minutes after the medics left I was on the phone calling them again because Katie was seizing again… just the same as before. At this point I was realizing she may have had a seizure earlier and I didn’t even notice what was going on, just thought she was sleepy. Medics arrived the second time and again Katie was “fine”. They did want her to go to the ER though since it was a second call in one night.

So about 2 am I took her to Evergreen in Kirkland. As we arrived the admitting nurse asked “What are we seeing Katie for tonight” and on cue Katie started another seizure and I simply said “This.” They rushed us into a room to get her checked out. Her episodes were all less than 5 minutes so she was OK again by the time we got into a room. The doctor checked her out for everything – eyes, ears, breathing, blood oxygen, urine for kidneys and infection, etc. She still had the fever and the only thing he could deduce was that the fever spike had caused the seizures. He gave the usual tylenol/motrin spiel, to watch her and call if there are any further symptoms.

I think I slept in her little toddler bed with her for a little bit and then went back to our bed when Doug woke up. Katie ended up in my bed and I remember watching her at one point .. her face was twitching like an infant baby in REM sleep mode her breathing was a fast deep shallow breathing though and it only lasted for a few seconds. Her fever had gone down and I thought that maybe it was just the REM sleep thing. I grabbed either the camera or my BlackBerry in case there was another little episode. There was and I caught a few seconds of ‘footage’. For some reason I didn’t call the doctor. Katie has been fine since then up until June.

See my Katie’s Possible Seizure in June blogpost for the rest of the story.



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