Katie’s Possible Seizure in June

6 07 2009
I began blogging on Katie’s seizure history from February here and decided to split it into different blog pages. This post is regarding her second episode of what I believe was a seizure. I want to blog about it so that I can have an account for future appointments and for anyone else who is curious about Katie’s past and present seizure history.
So fast forward from February 10th, 2009 to June 15th, 2009. Katie often wakes up early around 5:30 a.m. then comes in our room and sleeps in our bed. By that point Doug is usually up getting ready for work so it isn’t a big deal for me to share with her (bonus – I get to keep sleeping!). So this particular morning she was sleeping in a bit later I woke up and just watched her resting.There is something so serene and peaceful about a sleeping child. Then I watched her face go into a rhythmic twitching. The rest of her body as well. Somewhat similar to the times when she had the febrile seizures. I wondered for a moment if it was a seizure and then thought, well, she’s asleep so maybe it is just a very deep sleep.

I got up and about 20 mins later she came into the kitchen. I noticed she couldn’t walk very straight and it seemed she could very easily fall down. Katie was really quiet and kind of looked really ‘out of it’. I picked her up and sat with her on my lap. She had a ‘what’s going on’ expression on her face and when i said Hi Katie and asked her to talk to me, she was unable. I could see she was trying to talk and the corner of her lips wanted to move but just couldn’t. I gave a minute or so let her walk around and asked some more questions. Same wobbly, same inability to talk. Normally when she wakes up, she runs right out and demands breakfast “I hungee momma.Yets Doh (Let’s go!)”. I offered her breakfast and water and she wouldn’t take it. Probably after 5-10 minutes had passed, Katie was then able to speak again. It took a good 20 minutes for the walk to regain her normal two year old self. Several people have asked whether she had a fever or any other illness going on – the answer is no. She had a little cough but nothing major.

I called the doctor it was almost 8 a.m. and they finally called me back at 11:30 a.m. – actually I called them a few times and this is when I finally got to talk with our pediatrician’s nurse. Of course when I described what went on they asked us to come in that day. Our regular ped. dr didn’t have an appointment until evening so I took an earlier appointment with a different doctor. This pediatrician was great (we like our regular one a lot as well – wish I had as much sucess with a doctor for myself!). She said it sounds like it may have been a seizure but she didn’t want to call it that just yet. Also she was concerned about the number of seizures that seemed to happen on that evening in February. So Katie was referred to a neurologist at Children’s Hospital. I worked on making an appointment and the soonest they can get her in is at the end of July for an EEG Sleep/Awake Screening and then a consultation in early August. The test is crazy to prepare for… they asked us to wake her up 3 hours before her usual wake up time and then keep her awake until her appointment starts. then they want her to fall asleep. That means 3 a.m wake up (and one of us has to stay awake with her!) then stay awake until 12:30 p.m. Maybe we’ll just hang out at a coffee shop all morning. LoL. They asked me if there is anything we should know about her before the exam. I said “Katie doesn’t like to go to sleep”, they just laughed at me. Then I asked if there is a napping room available for me after the appointment is over. Another laugh.

So until then we are choosing not to worry until we need too. And enjoying every sweet cute moment with our baby doll in between. She’s our smiley sweetie. Ok except when she is in terrible stubborn two’s mode, but she usually bounces back pretty quickly.

I’ll make sure to update when we find out more at the end of the month.

Love you Katie-bear. ~Mommy



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7 07 2009

Wow, that sounds scary. I hope that it all goes well. Let me know if you need anything… We aren't too far from Children's (we're in Ballard), so I can come over and hang out or you can nap here, etc. Just let me know!Hugs!!Lisa


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