Prayer of a Stressed out mom,wife,friend, and more

21 07 2009

It is almost 2am and there is so much on my mind that I can’t sleep. There is so much scheduled for me and my family in the next two to three weeks that I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through it without a few good cry sessions. I’m praying lots tonight and this blogging is a prayer in and of itself begging God to:

… take the burdens of my crazy schedule and turn it into purposeful schedule to do His will
… to take all the people who are needing me to be a part of their lives and let me have purposeful meaningful moments with them however long or short those moments end up
… to help me give up all the responsibilities I have as mom, wife, director of faith formation, supervisor, coordinator of multiple volunteers that I still need to get lined up for VBS in a few weeks, sister,daughter, and granddaughter (in law), best friend and supportive friend.
… help me because I’m scared of failing. Help me kick my perfectionist tendancies and know it is OK to be selfish (what probably isn’t selfishness but feels like it to me) and ask for help. I’m taking that first step now and asking God for HELP.
This week:
— I am coming off of a week and a half of being at a Presbyterian Women’s conference in Kentucky then spending three days in Eastern WA with the Prindle side of the family and trying to get back into the swing of things, never easy to do
— Doug’s grandmother (Wimpress side) is fighting cancer, getting weaker by the day and has been given days to weeks to live.
— Doug’s brother just flew into town from New York to see Grandma and will be staying with us tonight (Tues)
— Tonight (tues) all the Wimpress cousins of our generation and younger are having and impromptu get together since Aaron is in town.
— Tonight (tues) and Thursday nights Ellie is supposed to have swimming lessons at 5:35pm meaning I leave work a bit earlier than normal to take her. I’m stressed here because what was supposed to be Doug’s special time to take her to lessons so I could work a few more hours has turned into me taking her to lessons anyways, OK except twice out of four weeks so far.
— Wednesday my bestest friend Cari flies in to Seattle from Fargo, ND with her baby, our god daughter. I’m wanting to spend some quality time with her and hoping that I can despite the crazy everything else.
— Thursday afternoon/evening Doug picks up and spends time with Pastor Candidate #1 of 3 since he is on the Pastor Nominating Committee for our church.
— Friday morning we usually have playgroup, not sure what’s happening here
— Friday Day — Doug meets w/ PNC and the candidate for interviewing
— Friday afternoon — meet n’ greet with Pastor candidate #1 for our church, since I’m on staff I get a chance to visit with them.
— Friday night — Doug is throwing a Bachelor Party for our buddy Ian who is getting married on Aug 1.
— Friday night — I’m hosting a shindig for friends in the area to get together with Cari at our home (anyone who wants to come – because you know Cari — is welcome).
— Saturday day — Doug involved with Pastor candidate interviews
— Saturday day — I go crazy getting ready for Ellie’s birthday party on Sunday
— Saturday night — We’re supposed to be having a big extended family shindig on Saturday p.m. to celebrate their grandparents’ 60 yrs of marriage
— Sunday a.m. I am working for worship/education at church and bringing the girls along (Margaux I’ll have them there at 8:30 a.m.!) because Doug will be at another church to hear pastor candidate #1 preach.
— Sunday afternoon — crazily getting ready for Ellie’s 5th birthday party
— Sunday evening — Ellie’s 5th birthday party
— Monday get up around 4 a.m. to keep Katie awake for her 12noon EEG/Sleep/Awake/Seizure study test.
— Tuesday — Ellie’s actual birthday
— Thursday — Doug’s actual birthday
So things I’m worried about failing:
– People at church (and my summer associate) because we have VBS in a few weeks and I’ve been out on travel and dealing with sinus headaches & vertigo like nothing else lately. I really want things to go well.
– Accomodating family with the stress of Grandparents and not offending anyone if I seem distracted or not fully present.
– Accomodating Cari because I really do want to spend time with her.
– Sarah’s in town and I won’t get to see her I’m afraid.
– Ellie ~ I want to be a good mom to her and I want her to have a great 5th birthday and I’d rather not give her a nervous breakdown on the day of her party as a gift. I want it to be special not frustrating for her or a let down because so many other things are going on and I don’t want her to get the impression that her party is just one more thing that we ‘have’ to do.
So again, God… please hear my prayer… please help me… take the burdens I put on myself and help me to be purposeful in loving others and loving you. Help me get some sleep tonight too, please. I’ll try to stop and listen…



2 responses

21 07 2009
Andrew W. Yeager-Buckley

It sounds like you need to remember to stop and breath from time to time. Hang in!


28 07 2009

Thanks Andrew.


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