Katie’s EEG Test

28 07 2009

Katie had her EEG test today and it went well. We won’t know any results until our follow up appointment on Friday morning this week.

I have to say it was pretty hilarious to try to keep Katie awake. That was our main assignment. Wake her up at 4 a.m. then keep her awake until they were ready for her to fall asleep during the appointment .. which started at 12:30p. Poor kiddo, Katie was so exhuasted from our weekend which resulted in no naps and late nights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for various errand running and parties for family and friends. Doug was the first to wake up and was going to take the first couple hours shift before leaving for work. Katie just would not have that she had to stay awake and couldn’t cuddle in bed with me, like a normal early morning. So I was awake at 4:20 a.m. and beyond. There was one point somewhere between 5:30a and 6a that I fell asleep on the futon watching Sesame Street On-Demand with Katie. I was awoken to Doug waking both Katie and I with “Wake up Katie, Wake up!”. My cutie had leaned over and curled up next to me on the futon and fell asleep. We had to pick her up off the floor with a blankie a few times.
We took a trip to take Ellie to daycare then I decided this would be a good time to get Katie’s hair trimmed up. Of course mommy needed coffee first so we stopped at the Starbucks next to the Great Clips. We sat at a round table and Katie was thrilled to be having ‘coffee with mommy’ and munching on banana bread. It was fun to have a few moments of just her and I. She was great getting her hair cut. I expected her to flip out but she was calm the whole time.
Stopped by home to pick up a few snacks and her blankie and baby doll then off to Children’s Hospital clinic in Everett (clinic of Seattle Children’s Hospital).
The waiting room was very child friendly .. included a wooden rocking turtle and a few play tables that she loved while I filled out registration paper work. Then appointment time. We went back to a room with a TV, a bed, a computer, and a rocking chair. The neurology tech explained the process to me and Katie. Katie initially didn’t want to lay down on the bed but then Sesame
Street was once again a hero and she was told her job was to lay there and watch cartoons. Tough job, eh? The tech needed to mark Katie’s head with a red paint pencil and started out putting an ‘X’ on each of our hands to show Katie what was going on her head and that we’re all in a Red X club. Katie loves body art (she uses her legs and arms as a marker canvas on a regular basis) and thought it ws so cool that she was being drawn on and I was allowing it to happen. She was ready to go after 20-30 little electric knodes were attached to her head, a gauze cap to help hold it all in place and cozy on the bed with her blankiet an baby doll.
The test recorded Katie while awake, the tech said her brain was showing signs of sleepineess which was good. So her brain action was recorded while awake and drowzy, including a variety of patterns of flashing lights. Fun game! Then off to sleepy land as the volume was set lower and channel changed to CNN. Her brainwaves were recorded for 20 minutes. I was able to slip off to a chair for the time and take a cat nap. Then it was time to wake her up so they could record that as well. Katie was so great for tne entire appointment. I’m so glad it was a good experience for her. Afterwards I could tell she wouldn’t be falling asleep again for a while so we went to the church to resolve some confusion and then she insisted we go pick up Ellie. I love that they care for each other at such a young age.
So that was the ‘big’ test day and then Friday we’ll find out if there is anything telling when it comes to seizures or other sleep issues for Katie. There’s the update. I’m off to bed, which seems per the usual when I finaly get to take a chance to blog.



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