Katie’s EEG Consultation Follow Up Appt

1 08 2009

For the curious (thanks to everyone who has been asking and concerned about Katie’s situation).

Our visit at Children’s Hospital Seattle went fine, other than the fact that Katie is a little monkey and literally climbed on everything she possibly could.We met with a nurse practitioner for the consultation – which is fine with me. I my experience nurse practitioners have sometimes figured out what was wrong with me when the doctors couldn’t. So she checked out Katie saying at that moment in time she was perfectly functioning little 2 year old. I rehashed the details of the seizure episodes. They are not so concerned about the febrile seizures but they are curious about the second seizure (which didn’t have any other symptoms like a high fever with it). She gave us the results of the EEG saying it came out completely normal, but they only tell 60-70% of the story as it is reading the brainwaves for that specific period of time.

Katie’s second seizure episode causes more concern than the febrile seizures and they are thinking it might’ve been a “focal seizure”, which sometimes that means maybe there is something in particular affecting the brain causing the seizures to occur. She went out for a bit and consulted with one of the neurologists to get a second opinion about whether or not to wait until there is another seizure (if ever) or prescribe the MRI right now, she mentioned that toddlers need to be sedated for MRIs because they are wiggly. The neurologist said better safe to do it now than not do it and find out worse problems later. I agree.

We have to call and make the MRI appointment. In the meantime, we are just hoping it is nothing and she’ll never have a seizure again. All the while watching her and then reporting anything we notice. If she does have another seizure (non-febrile and when someone is observing) then she’ll likely have to start medications.. more for prevention, not so much for stopping seizures.

So that’s the lowdown on the EEG consultation. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we find out/experience more. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!




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