Katie’s Seizures Part 3.

25 08 2009

A short (I think) update on the latest information about Katie’s seizures. She was scheduled to have an MRI on Aug. 18th, and we ended up rescheduling due to Doug’s grandmother’s memorial service being held the same day. The rescheduled MRI is for Sept. 1st. Toddlers have to be sedated for MRIs so it’ll be a tough morning denying her breakfast after 6am and only juice/clear fluids untl 10am then nothing before her 12noon appt. We’ll see if that is easier than waking up with her at 4am for the EEG and keeping her awake until 12:30p!

About a week ago (8/16), late on Sunday night Katie had two more epileptic episodes – as far as we can tell. They weren’t as intense as before, but the happened. She had some 24 hour-ish flu bug where she didn’t eat much for dinner then didn’t actually ever fall asleep because she complained of stomach pains. She Kept saying “ow-eee” for a few hours and I eventually brought her out with Doug & I so we could finish watching a movie that took us almost 4 hours to watch in the end. Around 10pm it was apparent why she was in pain because she threw up – all over me. Fun times being a mom. I’ve probably said it before but it is these moments that make me appreciate my mother all over again, and thinking about my mother caring for me that keeps me going taking care of my children when they are sick. She continued to vomit about every half hour until 1 or 2am.

Around the 3rd or 4th time she was in my lap and just stared straight ahead with her eyes moving up and down, side to side. She was unresponsive to words and then I tried pinching her and twisting her skin (as I’d been instructed to do by the med. experts we’ve been talking with) and then also seeing whether she’d grasp my fingers which she didn’t. Doug at one point pinched her really hard in the stomach and she yelled “oW!”. The combination of the vomiting and the episode made me nervous so I wanted to call the clinic for an after hours consultation. This was the first time Doug has witnessed any of her episodes and I don’t know if he didn’t think it was a big deal or didn’t want to believe that it was a seizure and he didn’t want me to call. I told him I was calling anyways because this is the same thing that her eyes have done in the past and she really wasn’t responding to anything before his big pinch. So I called and we waited about 20 mins for someone to call back. Katie started vomiting again as they called and Doug spoke with them while I helped her. Poor little thing. Immediately after vomiting she had another episode with the same eye movements and non-responsive communication. Another big stomach pinch and she came out of it.

The after hours doctor said if she vomits through the night to call back, bring her in. But she stopped. They also recommended we call the nurse practitioner at Children’s to report the epileptic episodes. So I called them and reported the episodes. They will follow up with us after the MRI results.

I know Doug is scared in general because there is the worst to fear… the worst that may not be at all. A tumor and hopefully it will not be that. We have found out through all this that at least two, maybe three family members on Doug’s side have had seizures as young children grew out of them. Hopefully that will be the same for Kates.

Awaiting Sept 1st for the MRI. That’s the scoop.




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