Kountdown to Kindergarten

25 08 2009

Kindergarten and Public Schools here we come. Ellie turned 5 this summer and is on her way to kindergarten in just over a week on September 2nd. We’re counting down with her to start at a public elementary school just down the street from us. She is VERY excited. I hope it will be a great experience for her. Northlake Montessori has provided what I’ve considered to be an excellent education for her for preschool. She’s been in that ‘community’ since she was 13 months old so it will be hard for her not to see the friends she has basically grown up with. I guess that is just one of those things we all have to go through more than once in life and this is one of those big moments for Ellie. It wasn’t easy when we left our last church, but she was 3 and more adaptable.

I’m fine with her moving on, I know there are several others out there having a hard time with their babies growing up and going to Kindergarten. Ellie is more than ready so that is not a problme. I’m just going to cry when it is her last day at NLM because the teachers there are so great. We’ve signed up for afterschool care just in case that is a possibility (they have a van go pick up children at the elementary school and bring them back for a school-agers program for K-6 grade. They haven’t yet provided this service for our elementary school, but there are a few kiddos going there from NLM so we’ll see. We figure having her signed up for a few days a week could be helpful in case we need it.

Mine and Doug’s schedules will change a bit – Doug is going to try working 6am to 3p so he can come home early and pick up Ellie from school. Then I’ll be the drop off for school and work a little later. I’ll still have Fridays off for the most part. Guess we’ll just try it and see how it goes. A new chapter for all of us.

Katie will have NLM all to herself. Ellie’s current PreK teachers apparently have been vouching to have Katie in their classroom as she bumps up. She just has to be fully potty trained and then
they can have her. Ever since she started walking around and exerting her personality on everyone they decided they need Ellie’s little sister as their student. Of course, Katie makes her self totally at home in the PreK classroom when she walks in each day to pick up Ellie. She has even broken and messed up a few things (knocked over a coffee cup, etc) and they still want her to be in their class!

So for Ellie. She’s needing a haircut (which she keeps reminding me) and a few school supplies like dry erase markers, dry erase eraser, and baby wipes and we’re set. She, unfortunately, won’t get the school bus experience because we live too close to the school. For years Ellie has wanted to ride the Big Kids Bus to school. Sorry sweetie! She does have a very cute pink backpack to sport thanks to Cari Godmother… (I hope that doesn’t annoy you too much Cari, we love you!).

More to come on Ellie’s Kindergarten Kapers.




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