Vertigo Verdict

1 09 2009

And the verdict is out after this morning’s review of my balance test results with my Dizziness ENT doctor:
We don’t know specifically how to treat your vertigo, so here is some low dose valium to take when you start experiencing the symptoms. The Meniere’s somehow didn’t pan out in the results.

We know that I get vertigo:
* When I’m sitting down looking at a computer- but not always
* When I’m moving up and down to help Katie & Ellie put on and take off clothing or something like that – but not always
* When I look up to the top of bookshelves (like at a library), to the tops of tall trees, to the top of a tall store display, etc. – but not always.
* When I’m riding on really curvy roads in a car – but not always
* When I bounce in an inflatable bounce house or ride in an elevator, I have the sensation that I’m still moving ‘up & down’ – but not always.

And  in all of these cases sometimes I just get lightheaded, sometimes I just get light headed and then dizzy, and sometimes it gets all the way to the full fledged spinning. It is when it gets to serious dizzy, close to spinning that I generally take the Meclizine, now substituted by the valium.

I passed all the balance and hearing tests (3 hours and 1 hour respectively) and my CT scan came out clear.

So I just deal with it as it comes I guess. If nothing else, I’m glad that I’ve taken the opportunity to look into it further to determine that I’m not crazy – I really do get vertigo according to the specialist and my other drs didn’t want to call it that. I also appreciate having someone listen and work to help me figure this out and how to find some relief. Even if it is valium. Which I’m trying to remember if that is the drug I took after delivering my daughters and my body did not like having it in my system. Guess we’ll find out when the times comes – if the time comes again.




One response

20 05 2012

Glad it turned out to not be Meniere’s [my cousin has that, not good], but sorry to hear still no word on what is causing the Vertigo. Hope things go well, hugs to ya ~Sandie


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