Katie’s MRI/Seizure Results update from Sept. 09

31 10 2009

The next chapter in the health sagas of our summer. My goodness, tomorrow is Halloween. I’ve attempted to write this particular entry several different times and hoping it is completed today!

End of September I took Katie to a follow up appointment for her MRI and seizures. We knew almost 2wks prior that the MRI results were negative (good!) because they let us know. They also would’ve let us know right away if something was wrong and we never got that call. 
So I met up with our Nurse Practitioner at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Seattle. She reconfirmed that Katie’s MRI showed nothing out of the ordinary.She said that because, so far, Katie’s seizures have been short (1 min or less) and follow a fever/vomiting/illness (except for once) and she hasn’t had an episode since August that she isn’t worried about doing anything about it right now. She said not to worry unless:

1)she has another seizure that isn’t following an illness 
2) she has a seizure that is 3 minutes in length or longer
3)she has a seizure that occurs when she is 6 yrs or older (which is 4 yrs away).

I really appreciate this NP, she doesn’t make us out to be panicked or worried parents and makes sure to give us ample opportunity to ask questions/get answers without sounding dumb… in a way that allows you to build up the courage to ask if that is what you need. Fortunately I really didn’t have any questions… just like to know what are the next steps we need to take should it occur again and it is great to know that everything, in general, is OK in Katies brain (no tumors – which was the scariest unknown!) and there is just something about illnesses that tends to trigger her seizures. 

Last week Katie did come down with a nasty double ear infection that kept her (and us) awake for two nights. We did visit the Dr the day after the first night to confirm that it was an ear infection and she started a round of Amoxicillin. As far as we know she didn’t have any seizure episodes from those. I definitely was on guard though to see if anything such thing might occur.

Here are a few photos from her MRI day, they are from my Blackberry phone so not the greatest quality but not bad for a smartphone and will suffice.

Stickers Galore – I do believe they wanted Katie to think Children’s Hospital loves her – so they showered her with stickers from the hospital registration, to the clinic check-in, to walking in the MRI prep room. I truly think she was getting sick of the stickers, overwhelmed by all the choices. I guess it that is the worst of her problems we’re doing great. Here is waiting in the room. She brought her baby doll and blankie, glad I thought to bring them for the waiting room, we had a really long wait in this room. The killer was a playground outside 4 floors down right outside her window. I wan pay mommy, go pay mommy (I want to play).

After the MRI, it took about 30 minutes for her to wake up from the anesthesia. These tubes are just to help her not bite her tounge while she is sedated. She was the grumpiest little thing when she finally did wake up. Anyone would’ve been if they had been through all this without breakfast or lunch or any snacks and it was 3 p.m. In addition to the animal cracker and apple juice she was provided we visited the snack vending machine outside the cafeteria and she got to choose whatever non-candy/non-overly junk food item she wanted. (Yeah, I know that doesn’t leave many choices). She then sat on Pigthaylion, the pig bench between the hospital and the parking garage. She treated it like a carnival ride and everyone passing by just thought she was so cute and hilarious with her excitement about ‘riding’ the pig.
This concludes Katie’s seizure saga. Well, until we finish paying off the medical expenses. Nothing like medical bills after EKG,MRI and several doctor visits to make you thankful for the little bit your insurance does cover and that you have the ability to pay them off. This was just one round to determine the cause of siezures and we’re done, I hope. I absolutely cannot imagine the burden of costs for families with children with terminal or other illnesses needing to be treated for many more days than Katie.
I did it! I wrote the blog entry! Hurray!



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3 11 2009

So glad that the news is good and I hope that Katie doesn't have any more seizures! I am sure that it was so scary to see that and then have to wade through that medical maze. Hugs to y'all!


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