I’m Not Afraid of Phones, People Just Can’t Hear Me

25 01 2011

One of the hardest things for me to do in phone calling volunteers, not because I’m shy to talk on the phone but because God gave me this soft/somewhat high pitched voice that when I leave messages or talk to older volunteers people just don’t hear me well and they let me know. Saves so much frustration for both parties when I can communicate clearly.

Today I’m having to make phone calls and have a scratchy winter cold voice added to it. I have several older (senior age) folks I need to call because they don’t have email. And I know I need to make the calls, but it always takes so long because they can’t hear me and the words they do hear confuse them even more.

Nursery — WHAT!? I was supposed to be taken off that list! Well, yes that is what I’m calling about, I am new at organizign this list and I have your your name… I’ll make sure you’re off it now thanks, bye. I would love to continue saying “But I’m calling to check in with everyone on this so that I can make sure it is correct and check in to see how it is going/has gone, do you have suggestions for supporting future volunteers, thank you for your time helping out. I opt out of the rest of the comment, really wishing I could have continued with out getting somebody all angry because they only heard ‘church’ and ‘nursery’. I just take it as it is and move on, praying they forgive me eventually and continue to the next few calls that are likely to be very similar in tone.

What is more frustrating about this is as an equipper of and communicator to volunteers, I know that some people respond better with Phone calls. The phone is their love language of communication — rather than in person, hand-written note, email, text, facebook,etc. It pains me that I just don’t do this well and it is frustrating to them. So if you are a phone call type of person who gets way to many emails to me, I apologize, its not that I’m afraid to talk to you in person, I’m just afraid you won’t hear me and you’ll get all the words if I put it in writing.

Trust me, if you know me, I love talking to people in person and you probably have a hard time stopping me, especially when I’m tired!




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