Katie and her Baby Giraffe

15 02 2011

Katie, who is 3, has been cracking me up as I take her to school (preschool/daycare) lately. When we walk into the school to check-in you are greeted by a reception/waiting area that has a huge safari themed display. This display I believe has been a fixture as the building has morphed over the years from dance club to carpet store to restaurant to daycare to montessori school. I would love to see how it was incorporated into the environment of the past owners. 

Anyways the display has many animal statues – lions, gorillas, rhinocerous, hippo to name a few – and additional stuffed animals. My daughter has befriended one particular animal – an almost 5 foot tall stuffed giraffe. It sits at the railing of the display and there is a waiting room couch right next to it. 
So every morning we walk in, I go to the sign-in counter and Katie jumps up on the couch to say hello to the giraffe. It always takes a bit to get her to leave the giraffe and walk with me to her class. We’ve started to just say “Goodbye” and “See you later” to the giraffe. As we walk to class, Katie gives me an update on the giraffe. The first time was “the giraffe is scared of the lion”. The next few times “Giraffe is my baby and I’m her mom”, “The lion is going to eat the giraffe”, etc. She keeps a running dialog and usually it involves the giraffe being scared, something/someone being eaten by the lion, and Katie promising to protect the baby giraffe.
Today’s story was the best by far — “The giraffe is the baby and she misses her daddy. The Lion ate her daddy all gone. The gorillas are the giraffe’s mommy. They are swinging, swinging, swinging in the trees so the Lion can’t eat the mommy gorilla. She goes ‘Ooooh OOoh Ah Ah EE EE!’. They keep the baby giraffe safe.”
As I type this I’m realizing my husband is out of town for work and I wonder if that has an effect on the Lion eating the giraffe’s daddy – which is a new story line. Hmmmm.So how do I represent a gorilla?!?
Love that little Katie-bear of mine.



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