Sleepless in Louisville (LifeServe Day1)

27 09 2011

I should be sleeping but my brain is too full. It is amazing how much can be packed into a 24 hour day!

Last night I hugged my family goodbye for four and a half days to venture to Louisville for LifeServe Ministry Conference. The conference has been around for three years and this is my third time participating… perhaps one could say I’m officially addicted to LifeServe. 
So at 11:35p.m PST I hopped on a plane in the dark of the night in Seattle. Three and a half hours later I landed in windy, rainy Chicago. It was 6 a.m. C.S.T. and about 3 a.m. my time but I forced myself to eat breakfast to adjust for lunch in a few hours. Boarded a puddle jumper plane in Chicago and landed in Louisville about 1.5 hours later — sunshine! 10:30 a.m. E.S.T but 6 a.m. Seattle time. Crazy!
I was picked up by a shuttle that took a group of us from the airport to the Galt House hotel in Louisville. On the shuttle about 10 of us shared that we were heading to LifeServe conference. The seating on the shuttle had us in a circle rather than rows and gave us a chance to share where we were from , what ministries we coordinate, and how many times we’ve been to the conference. Everyone was a rookie except for me, they suddenly interviewed me on whether or not the conference has helped me get more volunteers and grow my ministry ( a very first time participant question!) and what do I think is important to get people involved. They asked me for suggestion of what tracks/workshops to take. I also lived the furthest away and was the most tired, I hope I represented the conference well answering their questions. It was a fun moment and I’ve seen several of those women around the conference off and on.
Walked into the Galt House Hotel and memories from my time at the Presbyterian Women’s Triennium, three years ago, popped into my mind. I met several new Presbyterian tweeps via twitter in this space, learned about PW from women from my church and presbytery, and shared a room with a few very energetic and enthuastic senior women. This time I have the room all to myself – despite my efforts to get many others to attend this conference with me – LifeServe 2012 is Orlando,FL so you MUST come!
Took a lovely long hot shower, grabbed a snack, and ventured off to check-in and officially get going on LifeServe. The butterflies that formed inside me and shook me up were amazing… how do I get SO nervous?! Walked into a Heart-to-Heart conversation workshop with Robert Gelinas, and didn’t know anyone but afterwards I walked into the Marketplace and began reconnecting with people that I had conversations with last year. Several Group Publishing/Church Volunteer Central folks and a few ministry colleagues that I spent time chatting up volunteer management with at LifeServe 2010. 
Something pretty nifty about Social networking like Twitter and Facebook is that you can so easily start into conversations even if you haven’t seen a person in a long time. I’m praising God for these networking connections and that we can encourage one another in our ministries. Empowering one other, because we are already empowered by God, to empower those back home so they may empower others in faith and life … that’s what it’s about. Lovin’ LifeServe 2011.
Up next… notes and thoughts from the various LifeServe workshops & sessions.



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