31 10 2011

Our family’s theme song for this week courtesy of a Recess Monkey “Field Trip” CD we often sing along with in the car: 
by Recess Monkey 
CHORUS: Little insects crawling everywhere. Eww!
It ain’t no crying shame to have bugs on you

I’ve seen you scratchin’, I’ve seen you itch
You want to crawl way down in a ditch
Just the name makes calm people twitch
It seems so hair-raising
But your brother, cousin, your next door neighbor, the red-headed kid from soccer-all of them had lice too

It ain’t no thing when lice land on you
There’s no need for a new hairdo
Just grab a comb and tea tree shampoo
It seems so hair-raising
But your brother, cousin, your next door neighbor, the red-headed kid from soccer-all of them had lice too

Maybe you’ve had them, or maybe you haven’t, but the lice are coming… GENERAL LOUSE!


Yup, the Prindles were hit with lice this week. Not quite sure who got it first or how. But discovered it was on Ellie, then Katie, and yes… myself!! I cannot believe the stress induced from such an occurrance. Give me vomit, diarrhea (ok that’s a tough one), blood, etc. any day but I really never want to see lice again. Of course now that we are armed with a nifty new comb and some education on how to rid of them – we’re ready should there be a next time. 

Combing, shampooing, scratching, scritching, laundry, Google for more lice-killing tips, wash, rinse, and repeat morning and night.

So thankful we found Lice Knowing You in our area… I spent a chunk of money having them comb through all three of our heads for one hour. It was SO worth it to have them remove every nit and bug. Thankfully I did pretty well in combat, only Katie had two bugs – one alive, one dead – Ellie & I just had the nit eggs. 

This skin crawling experience caused my mind go into ministry object lesson mode on Sin and Pain:

When we hurt someone, tell a lie, ignore something that we need to address, or even have an addiction and hold it all in – it can infest our life. Sin/Pain can drive us crazy, sometimes we try so many different ways to fix it ourselves. Some methods give temporary relief, while others only seem to make it worse. We do this and all we really need to do is make an investment – sometimes a bit of a costly but well worth it sacrifice. Whether it is confessing to God, confessing to a friend or family member, getting professional help, or forgiving ourselves – we just need to do it and get it over with. Life will be so much better afterwards. And perhaps we might get a round two but we’ll be better equipped and armed, more confident and ready to tackle the sin/pain until it is dead, gone, and washed away. 

What infests your life in an unhealthy way? What might God be calling you to get rid of the infestation? Are you willing to make the investment to be healthy again?




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