Thankful for GrownUps in my Kiddos Lives

22 11 2011

The word on the youth ministry street is that there needs to be in the least a five to one ratio … five caring adults to every one child (specifically from Chap Clark of Fuller Institute of Youth Ministry).

Today has definitely been a day of realizing sometimes I just am dependent on others to help my family accomplish life – and it is OK. That really is a hard thing for me to admit that I can’t do it all on my own.

Katie has two awesome preschool/daycare teachers who help her learn how to spell her name and count her numbers and teach her other wonderful life skills. We have a great crew of PreK Sunday school teachers – one of whom taught her how to make turkeys by tracing her hand and cutting it out. Thanks to BW we have a flock of Katie-hand-turkeys on our window. Of course they help her learn about God/Jesus and help her grow in faith as well.

Ellie has great teachers at her elementary school. I met with her 2nd grade teacher for a conference today and she really cares about Ellie’s person as well as academics.

We have some friends and neighbors who jump in at moment’s notice to help out with our girls. Tonight, thanks to one of our fabulous neighbors, I was able to meet with our mom’s bookclub, a much needed break while Doug has been stuck in Skagway, AK on a work project.

Another neighbor and her daughter, took Ellie in after a half-day of school today so that I could work another hour and go to Ellie’s parent/teacher conference.

I’m thankful for the caring adults in my children’s life… teachers at school & church, those who’ll take care of them on a whim and take time getting to know who they are, all their grandparents/aunties/uncles who love them so much, parents of their peers who say hello to them in the hallway, and the folks at church who are great to my children. Thank you! #30daysofThanks

I pray for all those children whose ratios are low, that the gap may be filled.




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