I believe this …

2 12 2011

I believe this is my first official post on this blog in wordpress. All the others were transferred from Blogger. And it happens to be 3 a.m. in ten minutes.

For some reason there are two ‘ideas’ that I’ve been challenged with this week and in the past months. I have two friends fighting breast cancer (one of whom also lost her husband  – who lived with Cystic Fibrosis – a year and a month ago.) I know others who’ve lost family members or jobs or they struggle with illnesses/diseases that seems to have no end.

I watch comments from all these folks fly by on Facebook daily and there are two common themes that have been flying by lately.

The first is friends with the consoling comments of “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle”. The second is people saying that a grieving process. that according to the rest of the world should be complete, is still very present, real, and painful. 

Now I can tell you that when I was in high school and college I wholly clung to “Nothing is impossible with Christ” and “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle”. There were tough things happening that I just couldn’t understand but I knew I needed to trudge ahead because they hadn’t killed me yet. 

Well, now, I’ll be 35 years young tomorrow (12/3), I have to say that I believe the first “Nothing is impossible with Christ” but I’m not so sure about the second. I believe God has a plan for all of our lives, but I don’t believe the plan is so detailed that we are going to specifically be heaped with one tough thing after another. And some people seem to get harder times than the rest of us, begging the question -“Why do bad things happen to good people”? 

I believe that misfortunes, illness, death, loss of jobs, etc are just part of life that jolt, shock, and sometimes baffle us. After these occurances I really don’t think it is fair to say that God has done this to someone – because he didn’t. I think after these occurances is an opportunity to point out that in all things, God is present and will walk with us in and out of the muck of our grief. This will look different for each person. Some of us are walking through that muck much longer than others. Some of us will have muck that is like quicksand or deep beach/riverbed mud that sucks in our feet and takes persistence, diligence, and patience to overcome. Sometimes just patience is all we need… waiting for that good samaritan to walk by an pull us up out of the muck. 

Patience understanding that we simply are stuck and it isn’t God that put us there. Patience, understanding that God only wants us to trust that while we are in the muck we will be taken care of and provided for  – even if we can’t see it yet. Patience, understanding that God walked with us before we got stuck, stays present/stuck with us while we wait to get out, and runs and rejoices with us when we get un-stuck.

The muck is our grief or tough situation… we’re stuck but God is there with us no matter how long we are stuck.

At 3 am. I have no idea if this makes sense, but I hope it does to someone. 

Wishing you peace and comfort as we enter the season of Advent.




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2 01 2012

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