Like they say..”Communication is Key”

29 02 2012
My work in ministry is essentially a ministry of communication. I’m realizing this as I finish up a meeting with our youth ministry intern. It is nothing new… I definitely know I need to be a better communicator on so many levels. It is a matter of making the time, having a plan, getting the right tools in line, honing and acquiring skills. Simple, right? Why is it SO hard sometimes?

In case you wonder, communication with my intern went perfectly well this morning. It was our conversations regarding various transition scenarios that spurred this thought. We have to be intentional in communicating our hopes, dreams, needs, and expectations with teen students, parents, volunteers,committees, church staff and each other. This is no small feat at times. How do we effectively communicate to all these groups in a positive and engaging manner? Also do all this in a timely manner? 

I don’t have the answer except a realization that I need to remember to bring my communication struggles to the cross. I need to lay down my worries, frustration, and crunched time schedule and give them to God. I need to trust God with my time and words – asking for help, guidance, and the right words in the right time (or”write time” as the case may be). I get so very paralyzed by perfection and pride… I need to let go and let God work through the potential messy jumble of my thoughts. 



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5 04 2012

Hi Leena,

I have nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award!” Please follow this link:

Blessings to you!


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