Earliest Memories

18 05 2012

I just posted a comment on a friend’s Facebook status reminiscing about where I was when Mount Saint Helen’s erupted in 1980… Wow, 32 of my 35 years ago. She posted a link about the volcano’s eruption with a comment about a visit to the location in the 90’s and my response was:

“I lived about 200 miles north of the mountain. When it erupted I was 4yrs old and my mother came running into my room where I was sitting on the floor playing. She asked if I had fallen down because she heard a big thump. Nope, just a volcano erupting. 🙂 that must be one of my earliest memories.”

Made me think about our earliest memories. This and a few of hanging out on the beach across the street from our home – with family, friends, and neighbors are some of my earliest. I wonder what my children will remember from these early years of their life? My Katie is 4- almost 5- so she’s in a very formative place in life. Awesome Preschool teachers – Geoff and Sheree, preschool friends, piano lessons, hours of playing on the playground while Ellie plays softball, family times – what memories will she keep as time goes on?

What are your earliest memories?




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