Woke Up to this Cutie

23 05 2012


I want to say today, but yesterday I woke up to this sweet angel our bed. It was 6:30 a.m., she was all dressed in her favorite sweater, brushed hair with butterflies headband, and even a bit of lip gloss brightening up her smile. She was especially bright and bushy tailed because she had been visited by the tooth fairy over night due to losing her 7th tooth the night before.

I can’t even believe we actually pulled it off this time -,the tooth fairy gig, I mean. I get so anxious going in her room and am convinced each time we go in will be the last. Alas, she forgets any random middle of the night encounter and is thrilled the tooth fairy visited her yet again. Of course, there have been a night or two where tooth fairy went to sleep or forgot to get change for a $5 and we scrambles to come up with some good reason why she didn’t visit.

Ah the wonder and simple moments of being a child while a messy and complicated world surrounds you.




3 responses

17 06 2012

I remember sitting in a swivel stool at doctors office, and spinning around when the doctor was trying to take out the stitches in my forehead.

Also, remember playing with train, on the linoleum tile of the kitchen, X-mas morning when it was still dark.


21 06 2012

hmmm…well…that reply, was meant for your “earliest childhood memory” post… sigh. Someday I will figure out this technology thing…


12 07 2012

No worries. I figured it out. 😉


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