So If I Keep Asking God, Then He’ll Give Me an iPod??

10 08 2012

I taught a Bible lesson about praying and asking and trusting that God will provide – to 2nd and 3rd grade children today.

My daughter, Ellie, was in the group and asked, “So if I keep asking God for an iPod touch then I’ll get one?”. I answered something along the lines of ‘not necessarily, and even though those kids if things are really cool, it is not something we absolutely need to live. God provides what we need to live – food,water, shelter, and love from other people.”

I was re-telling this story to one of our young adult team members and said ” and of course it was MY child who asked this”. Saying that may have Insinuated that I couldn’t believe my daughter, as the daughter of and children/youth minister asked this question. I kind of joked about it in that sense. For some reason I just realized what I could have been saying in that moment – “my kid doesn’t get it” or “I’m so embarrassed she asked that question”.

In actuality, I love the question because it helped me realize their reality and put this lesson into perspective for them.

What I’m realizing is I re- told this story to someone who is a pastor’s daughter. It made me wonder if she has heard her parents make a similar comment about her childhood faith questions. In wonder what their response was when she has asked such questions. My hope is that they didn’t say “Can you believe MY kid asked that question about God?” with embarrassment as it may seem I responded. My hope is they responded the way I need/ed to, “that’s an excellent question” and telling others “I love the question my child asked – because it means she’s questioning and figuring out what it means to believe in and follow Jesus”.

I may owe my daughter an apology and an assurance that her questions are not dumb. In fact they are very timely and helpful.




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