12 11 2012

I’m re-blogging an excellent post-election post from a youth ministry colleague for whom the election did not turn out as he would have hoped. Mark Moder has good words for all of us – No matter what side of the fence we are on politically:


Me either. Most would label me a Conservative Christian. I live in Washington State. And believe it or not, after the election this week I may be living in the most liberal State in the Union. On Tuesday, Washington became one of only 3 states to approve gay marriage by a vote of the people (along with Maine and Maryland), one of only 2 states to approve recreational pot smoking (along with Colorado) and we are already one of only 3 states who made assisted suicide legal (along with Oregon and Montana). It’s the trifecta of liberalism today. We have all three and we are the only State to have even 2 of the 3. Yes, I voted anyway this week, and everything I voted for failed. Candidates, social issues, fiscal policies; everything.  Wait, come to think of it there was one race where I had to choose between a Democrat…

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12 11 2012
12 11 2012

That is a really great article as well!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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