The Action Bible – Win a FREE copy this week!

27 03 2013

The Action Bible”. Have you heard of it?? A mother at my church gifted this Bible to every child in a Sunday school class of upper elementary children because it was her son’s birthday. What an awesome gift!

I received a copy of The Action Bible, from David C. Cook,  to review and I’ll admit my first impression was, “This is definitely for boys, I don’t know what that says for my review”. I’m not a comic book fan – although I do love the Sunday newspaper comics and I was a big fan of Archie and Garfield comics as a child.

I needed some help and brought The Action Bible home to my family and handed it to each one for their reaction:

* Eight year old daughter in 3rd grade – “Whoa! This is awesome!” and she kept reading it for a good 30 minutes. (By the way this is my pink princess who loves dresses, dolls, knitting, and nail polish – but enjoys reading Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings).

* My husband, in his mid-30s, immediately turned to see if there was a drawing of the Seraphim described in Isaiah 6:2, because he has always wondered what they really look like. He was slightly bummed because there are not Seraphim, but impressed with the interpretation of Revelation at the end of the book. Overall, he really likes The Action Bible.

* 5 year old daughter in Kindergarten- at first glance “Yikes! Too scary mommy.”. Ok – so she is definitely not included in the Action Bible demographic. But that’s OK!

The Action Bible is great for upper elementary children who are eating up every book in sight because they love to read – it is also for those older children (pre-teens/teens) drawn to comic books and intense story lines. The Action Bible brings out the action and intensity of God’s almighty power and let’s you know there is no doubt Jesus is God’s son. This is the powerful message some really want to know in this time where we are focused on God’s love and peace for the oppressed and pained in our world.

Below is a fun video sharing more of what you’ll find in The Action Bible.

FINALLY – if you’d like to win a FREE copy of The Action Bible leave your name and how you’d use this Bible in your ministry or home. I will randomly select a winner on March 31st. 




5 responses

27 03 2013
New Life NextGen

Looks pretty awesome! I remember really getting into the Picture Bible as a grade schooler. Would love to share this with my son and girls. I really like the comic-book spin. Intrigued!


29 03 2013
Dale Helt

Hi Leena, this looks great! Sebastian loves comics and drawing. I’ve wanted something updated for him as he’s received lots of hand-me-down kid Bibles from his 3 older sisters. 🙂 Plus, my girls love action comic stories/movies like the Avengers right now. So, whether we win won from you or buy from, I’m sold. I think Elizabeth would love to use it in her Sunday School class too (that she’s been teaching for 20+ years, whoa! Don’t tell her I put this on your public blog). God bless and thanks for sharing.


31 03 2013

Yay! It is a great Bible. As someone who coordinates Sunday school I LoVE that E has been teaching for so many years!


30 03 2013
Dan & Bonnie Olsen

Maia is into comic book-like reading in a big way & this might help her connect more fully with her listening to the Christian radio stations, KCMS & KCIS. Thanks for arranging this possibility for her!


31 03 2013

Glad you are entered!


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