My baby is SIX!

8 06 2013

I can’t believe my little Katie-bear is six years old already! I’m a week late on the post, but she was born at what is a busy time of year for all of us!

The day she was born she was five days late of her due date, but she popped out like a flash and we’ve been trying to keep up with her ever since! I have told a few people that I am so thankful for her to be turning six, because there is something about being five that makes little girls SO difficult to live with – happened with Ellie as well. I think it is because everyone makes “5 years old” into “you’re a BIG kid now!”.So they take it to heart and exercise their BIG KID card whole-heartedly. While I’m glad to be moving out of that 5 year old phase, I’m somewhat bittersweetly wanting to hold on to her being little because she’ll always be my baby and she ‘s my youngest and five is the end of toddler clothing and toy sizes!

Katie has grown a lot this year –

Kindergarten: She is one of the youngest in her class, but her preschool teachers were confident she was Kindergarten ready. She has had a few struggles with reading and writing – but the last month she has really taken off and is starting to do a lot better.

Anyone who has been around her in a classroom or church setting knows that she is LOVES coloring. She colors with an amazing vengeance and it difficult at times pulling her out of her coloring world in to experiencing the other parts of life with the rest of us! I love her determination and wanting to complete a project.

She also is very much a self-starter, and she doesn’t wait for permission to get started on something. Katie just sets her mind on a goal and gets the job done.

Currently she is playing the Wii – her favorite game is Build-A-Bear Workshop – reading the words on the screen and winning puzzle pieces and accessories. I love her independence.

Activities she has participated in – in addition to school and Sunday school – are Martial Arts at wolf pup level, piano lessons (from barely knowing ABC’s to reading notes and counting!), singing in Kids Choir at church, participating in Kids Care Club at school, and sharing the role of “field cone crew” with another young sibling for Ellie’s softball team. Katie also love Candy Crush and Hay Day on the iPad. So if you see my name in the rankings with funky scores or actions… it is her doing!

Love you Katie-bear. Happy Birthday Baby!2013-06-07T13-18-24_22




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10 06 2013
Dan & Bonnie Olsen

Writing this essay is one of the nicest birthday presents you could have given her. You will both love reading it when she is older. Katie will feel cherished, knowing you were paying attention to her and taking time to record and reflect upon her milestones.


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