How do I get (my) kids to go to church?!

12 03 2015

As “church” is being redefined everywhere – this question comes up for a lot of people I have conversations with – online and in person. “wHY CHURC – not just for kids, grow ups as well. I think this blogpost is a great piece to start the conversation among church members, among family members and even individual with God.What do you think?

Feet in, Arms out

This picture kind of scares me. But, hey, kids in church! This picture kind of scares me. But, hey, kids in church! Why are they crying? Is it that bad?!?!

This past fall I received quite a few emails that went something like this, “I really want my child to be involved in campus ministry, but s/he just isn’t interested? What can I do?” Pastors, youth directors, church leaders and parents hear and ask this question a lot. How can we get kids and young adults to a) go to church b) not hate it and c) keep coming into adulthood? As the church frets about declining numbers, it is a reflex to try to do whatever we can to get young people in the pews. We start new programs, look to hire young pastors, change worship and do all kind of things to get children and young adults into the doors. Parents cajole, they bribe, engage in yelling matches, and…

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