A Pondering and Praying Heart …

20 11 2015

I haven’t forgotten about Paris, Lebanon, Nigeria and Surian Refugees, I still mourn the loss of our family’s cat and I stand with students in Missouri because #blacklivesmatter. But today was a day that many other causes pressed and needed attention. 

My heart, soul and mind are full today. I began the morning praying for my brother and his family – it is my nephew Reed’s birthday and anniversary of his death. One of the hardest days of my life that I know was waaaay more difficult for David & Ashley. I’ll never forget having to break the news of a baby brother’s death to my almost 10 year old niece, then playing with my 4 year old nephew at the hospital who had little idea of what was going on, and holding my brother and his dead son, who only lived for four hours. I was the sole physical representative for our side of his family and was asked to break the news to my parents because my brother was too heart broken. They are still heart broken two years later. Contribute to research for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) if you are able. 

Then I spent the morning at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett for a Child,Youth, Family Studies Dept advisory board meeting – heard stories about how the campus recently dealt with a student’s suicide and then listened incredible presentations of current students regarding the Imago Dei (image of God in and through God’s people and the persons of the trinity- God,Jesus, Holy Spirit). I think other alumni would have any lost hope restored in witnessing these presentations. 

While at lunch scheduled to chat about ministry with a student, the TLC Black Student Union called a Student Body meeting confronting and calling into question words that had been spoken to a black student “this school was so much better before your kind was here”. Yes, that happened at a Christian vocational ministry college. My favorite moments were faculty and the academic dean speaking out to support students of color and call out the racism and offering a place of safety to confide and help confronting. A student spoke to Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to a wall centuries ago to advocate for the marginalized – saying Martin Luther would not stand for this oppression. And Erik Samuelson, campus pastor beautifully closes out the time in prayer, blessing, and sending I. The midst of confrontation, confession, forgiveness and hopefully reconciliation. God truly has the right people there at the right time. 

Next I ventured on to my Foundations of Youth and Family Ministry class at SPU where we talked about homosexuality, dignity in death, and place-sharing in youth ministry – deep topics that two and a half hours was not enough time to cover it all. 

Finally had dinner & beer with several other seminary women learning more about them and sharing life stories and encouraging one another in our studies. 

Now I’m supposed to be reading more but my mind, heart, and soul are so full…
Praying for peace and reconciliation in so many pockets of my life and our world tonight. Amen.  

(Edit: if you made it to the end please excuse typos due to tiredness and typing on a small iPhone keyboard!)





4 responses

20 11 2015

written with your phone?!?

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20 11 2015

Haha. Yes! And all the while thinking some professor would tell me this is a jumbled group of ideas needing a thesis, cohesion, and string conclusion. 😉

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20 11 2015

Strong conclusion – rather than string! This time it is phone with tech friendly gloves.


6 12 2015

String conclusions are great… string theory is very trendy amongst the physics crowd. Srsly, though, you are at the right place, and you in seminar is good. Even though finals and all that sucks. Peace!


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