To “Take a Break” or Not to Take a Break? That is the Question. 

13 06 2016

Sometimes I think – “Ugh, I need to ‘take a break’ and ignore some certain social media Groups or posts and get away from the anxiety, stress, and angst I feel because of it.”
And then I remember that there are people for whom the “isms” behind these awful occurrences are a reality every day – walking into work, school, community spaces, even their own family – and they are normal everyday oriole just trying to live life like me these people don’t get to choose to take a break – ever.

So I choose to stay connected and pray and see what is the best way I can participate in being a voice or act in a way that can be supportive in breaking down the ‘isms’. Sometimes I mess up and it hurts because I thought I was doing the right thing. So I ask forgiveness, correction, and guidance and keep going. 

There are so many privileges I am granted as a middle class heterosexual white woman living in the Seattle area. I didn’t ask for them – just as others who do not fall in my categories did not ask for their categories. (A few like money and location may be negotiatiable, but that is not the case for those who are oppressed while living in those conditions). I don’t need to break myself out of my categories but I need to embrace those in different categories with love and with equity rather than pity, hate, and disgust. 

This is because I am a Christian but also Not because I am a Christian. Because I am human and they are too, because I am valuable and they are too. What will it take for us to understand that we all have value? What will it take to treat one another as valuable persons – and definitely not in the sense of valuable to bring me power, money, or pride like slavery, sex trafficking, concentration camps, and child marriage and more. I’m talking about value that says “I am here to work and live side by side with you and others so we all may have the dignity to live out our hopes, dreams, and full purpose and potential for life”. 

I can’t take a break until everyone is allowed a break. 




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14 06 2016



8 07 2016

…I just don’t know…

I know we need to always do good, and God knows we need encouragement to do more good, but a break from reading about evil? I’m starting to think that reading the news is a depressing waste of time. Maybe I’ll start only reading the news on the 31st day of the month…I can see it now, “hmm…what’s changed?…oh, yeah, people still are hurting, looks like I need to get back to work.”

But maybe I need to listen more to the stories of people that are hurting.


11 07 2016

Especially with social media there is so much to read and hear. I think it is ok to disengage from continuous interaction with reading the stories and watching videos. I think it is more the part where it is easy for a white person to just check out and say “that’s not my problem, I’ll let someone else fix it.” That is the kind of break black persons and people of color don’t get to take that I don’t want to allow myself to take. Does that make sense ?

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