One Small Step for Equality, One Bold Post on my Blog

28 03 2013

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about my views on homosexuality. Maybe because of fear, maybe because I’m not certain that I can come to a conclusion about what I really believe. Maybe I simply don’t want to be wrapped up in political and theological backlash or create the opportunity for others to fight about it. Well, here goes. I’ve been praying about it and I know so many others are doing the same but for some reason my heart is telling me it is time to ‘come out’ with my opinions


Today I posted this picture on my Facebook page profile

People of Faith 4 Equality


Many others have been posting equality pics because of a major case currently held in the Supreme Court of the United States having to do with marriage and whether or not it is constitutional for two people of the same sex to be married have equal legal rights as a man and woman who are married. So I very much simplified everything that is being looked at, but this is the idea.

Because I am not gay, I don’t think I can make a determination as to how a person ‘becomes’ gay – the current argument is biology vs choice (or nature vs nurture). So I’m choosing not to make an opinion one way or the other. I am a Christian, I believe the Bible was fully inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. I also believe that each author of each book and letter in the Bible has their own biases from their experiences wrapped around the words that are written. Just as this blog post stems out of my experiences (not at all saying my blog posts are to be taken as scripture though!). I also believe that the Old Testament scripture is as valid as the New Testament scriptures – but that the Gospel of Jesus brings mercy and grace to those who were condemned by the law of the Old Testament.

I’ll be honest and say I grew up in a very conservative home, I even received a college scholarship from the Women Republican’s Guild of my hometown (Mainly because I quite often volunteered alongside my mother). I used to think homosexuality was a sin – and I used to think it was probably a choice they made because they were somehow abused. For instance – a mother was awful to her son so he turned to men for love or a father or other male figure raped a girl and so she turned to women for love. Then I met a few folks who were openly gay and my mind begin to change as I got to know them better – of course, I had to allow myself to get to know them better. Some of them still haven’t let me fully in to their lives – but I realize now, I didn’t ask and so it stays that way. Also, there are quite a few folks from my childhood and college student days who are gay, and I had absolutely no idea until we were friends on Facebook. And I have to say, if there is any such thing as “gay-dar”, I definitely do not possess such a skill. I’m certain that several of these friends – definitely not all – did not have turbulent childhoods throwing them into their gay lifestyles. So, that is quashing my theory of abuse causing homosexuality.

Anyhow, my main reason for posting that I am a “Person of Faith for Equality” is that I am saddened to know there are same-gendered people who are companions, who love and care for each other as deeply as a married man and woman who do not get to share the same legal rights. Pure and simple as that (of course, the politics are not). I want a companion to be able to be with a loved one at their death bed, to be able to share benefits if that is the desire in a shared income household, to raise children together (Random thought – what about all those orphans raised by nuns and nurses, do you think of them turned out fine without being raise by men?).

I also want there to not be depression and suicide and disowning of family members because someone thinks they might be gay — I want families to be able to talk and be real and honest. No doubt there are family, friends, and ministry colleagues of mine who may happen upon this blog post with shock and not know what to do with me. Take it as it is and you decide. I’ll be alright and I hope you will too.

I want people to be loved – and yes there is need for ¬†holding one another accountable but really – is this life threatening to the rest of us to know that someone else is gay?? It is currently life threatening to them, that makes my heart hurt. I hurt for anyone who is an outcast (in their minds and hearts and communities)… and I long for healing. I long for equality – that it isn’t an “us and them” but all of us simply trying to get to know one another and share our deepest selves with one another.

Does this make any sense?


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