Tanzania Trip Teazer

14 09 2017

I didn’t get to blog about Tanzania. I’ll update here at some point. It was a great trip with much less connection to wifi than promised or assumed. Also as I returned my first week with jet lag involved two family birthdays, the next week I co-led Vacation Bible school for 85 children, the following week we spent time preparing for and going through with a memorial service for my mother-in-law who tragically passed from heart complications, and then a week or two to end summer and get kiddos started back up at school. that it was an incredible 3 weeks that has much to process and there is more to come about studying with professors of and at the University of Dar es Salaam, politics, history, philosophy, religious beliefs of the people of Tanzania; learning about the original spot where East African Slave trade began, visiting villages of the Gogo people, eating their foods, experiencing amazing hospitality and wondering if it is of genuine hospitality or out of a sense of duty and notion to please white people stemming back to days of colonization. Also we experience amazing choral, instrumental, and dance performances from the village group participating int the Chamwino Music Festival. We visited schools for children, teenagers, and graduate seminary students. We worshiped ina few different settings, We went on a day long safari and saw many animals participating in the circle of life.

More to come …




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