About Me

Red-head (and a stepdaughter!). Right brained. Latte lover.  Mentored by a lot of incredible people in my life and hope to be the same for others simply by living out my life.

Daughter to two parents who divorced when I was in the 2nd grade and have had their ups and down with relationships – reflected in some of my blogging and an influence on my interest in whole-life faith formation.

Sister – to a younger sister and brother whom I love dearly, Auntie to their children. There are also two guys out there who once-upon-a-time we called our step-brothers. I have to say Facebook is pretty awesome when it comes to reconnecting with folks ripped out of your life 20 years ago!

Wife to Doug who is a structural & civil engineer by trade, is an amazing father and husband.  We’re pretty good friends and I hope to keep it that way for a very long time. We met in a college chemistry class at Pacific Lutheran University – we dated for 3 years plus 1.5 yrs engagement, and have been married since 200o.

Momma to Ellie (2004) and Katie (2007) … who definitely keep us on our toes as they remind us what it is like to be a child.

I Grew up in the Lutheran church (ELCA) and am happily stuck in my liturgically learned ways as I now minister in a Presbyterian congregation (PC-USA). My ministry education comes from Trinity Lutheran College in 2001 with a B.A. in youth and family ministry (now known as children, youth, and family studies). Maybe one of these days I’ll get to venture through seminary and ordination.

In ministry with many – Director of Faith formation for a Presbyterian church. That means I work with kiddos and adults – from cradle to grave and hope to equip and encourage them to grow in learning, experiencing, and sharing a faith in Jesus Christ everyday of their lives.

This blog is simply ‘Just Me’, my ramblings and moment of ranting and rejoicing, view points expressed on this blog do not represent the views of Lake City Presbyterian or any other entity I may represent.


3 responses

29 02 2012
Lori Schulz

Hi Meleena,

Thanks for following my blog. I’m looking forward to reading yours also!



29 02 2012
Lori Schulz

Just noticed that your name is actually Leena! So, thanks, Leena, for following my blog! -Lori 🙂


9 11 2012
Yvette Schock

Hi Leena–

Through a google search I found a description of a family Christmas Eve service you put together at Lake City Pres in 2008. I’d love to take a look at it, but I wasn’t able to access the file through the Dropbox link you provided. If you’re still willing to share the service, could you email the service as a PDF? I’m at a church in Arlington, VA, and we have just decided to do a family service for the first time this year–doesn’t leave much time for planning a big production, so I’m hungry for workable ideas for an engaging, interactive, worshipful service. Thanks for any help you can offer! –Yvette


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